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1. Tips on web design and website creation

Use the seven tips on web design and creation of websites or newsletters when looking for web design companies so that you know what to start demanding.

Whether it comes to sites for medical cabinets, restaurants, service companies, for sale or online shops, creating a website is the most inexpensive and effective solution to say everything about the features and performances of your business compared to your competitors.

If you succeed in building a manageable website, is more likely you can adjust your marketing communication strategy depending on market condition at a certain time.

Where else can you say so many things about yourself and yet to be set apart from a crowd?

Just have a name easy to remember, well chosen or to host your presentation on a web address easy to remember, for example www.golden-dragon.ro versus www.goldendragon-chineserestaurant.ro.

Here are some ideas that we think deserve keeping in mind:

1. After choosing a name as memorable as possible, do everything to promote your website on any possible materials (off page), business cards, any kind of advertising materials;

2. Strictly respect the basic rules in web design, therefore, the website should be in sync with the branding strategy initially established;

3. Respect the fact that it should be told as much as possible on core business in the first 30 seconds, both through web design and other messages, otherwise visitors will cancel your chance to tell too much. Here is first about that “big picture” or global image of the business

which fits, let’s say, equally web design and all other messages/ elements that compete in the success of marketing, institutional or corporate communication;

4. Do not make a website ignoring the importance of SEO optimization – Search Engine Optimization, or SEM marketing – Search Engine Marketing, that’s why first you should ask the advertising or web design companies how many websites they’ve created and how many of those are 1, 2 and 3 runners on Google or other search engines. There are many moments in the existence of a business when you need to reverse the priorities of a product or service, and a well done website can help you naturally

without spending additional money. Analyze the www.deco-smart.ro site which was thought

in terms of marketing communication also or you can consider www.phototrade.ro/z5 an example of strategy mainly on product, a stock clearance/ Konica Minolta Z5 cameras.

5. Do not ignore the sales an online shop well done can provide you, from the same perspective;

6. Pay great attention to the airworthiness of the website you create;

7. When you think to conceive an e-mail campaign strategy, starting with a newsletter design is good to prioritize in information on it, thus not trying to “hook” with all of them. It is more strategic to put the most important ones and promote them progressive.


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