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About us

As any reliable advertising agencies, with passion for all we’re doing, we dreamed to become a most wanted marketing communication agency in Romania.

We were Media AD Matters, we brought to life 20 brands and we’ve done more than 15 Google champions websites.

Optimum Communication is a partner and a helping hand for all the brands who accept that marketing communication strategy is a must do.

First, we organize the relevant objectives. Than, You’ll see how, one by one, are accomplished

The poor economic environment forced us to think and act more strategic than usual, that’s why, from the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) point of view, the branding platform and implementation should be the “air traffic control tower” for all the communication vectors and the keypoint for selling warm-ups and loyalization.

We can’t wait a lot for the winning positions of our market. So we innovate a lot of push-pull techniques and mixing them at the right time, customers look to be interested keeping in touch with our brands, good enough for many conversions.

We consider both as conversions: buying actions and pre-buying actions, like: checking our RSS feed, subscribing newsletters, filling forms, recomending our websites, checking our polls, downloading PDF files, visiting the Contact page of our clients websites, marking their websites URL’s as favorites and so on…

When we're talking about successful marketing communication plans, we design a good branding strategy, on a good business plan and a marketing plan.

The brand management is only a consequence of every previously considerations.



All you have to do is to contact us. Definitely, every case study will be very interesting for your previous marketing experience...
We're able to transform any investment in a success investment.

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Mottos that represent us:
Nu-i suficient sa faci tot ce-i mai bun.Intai trebuie  sa stii ce sa faci, APOI sa faci ce-i mai bun 
W. Edwards Deming
Eficienta este cea mai inteligenta forma de lene
David Dunham
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