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Design of packaging, labels and printings

Whether you had to do packaging design, labels or printing design, you’ve always bumped into the aesthetic and practical-functional aspects.

Any advertising or packages and labels design we make, at first it will differentiate you by enrolling in branding rules and niche marketing.

Let’s think they are only made to be our business “spokesman” in front or in the hand of a prospectous/potential customer. What could they do for us? Certainly a lot. Most often are used “innovations” that matter only for the sake of “creativity”. Is true that production of some advertising materials or the design for packaging and labels did cost more, but what was the result?

Successful printing products or packaging with an appropiate design may be those which our children take home or hide from us, to keep it and make toys or stands.

How many times had happenend?

How it would be like to discover that almost all the design work and the production of promotional materials elaborated up to this point could bring you about 25 to 50% more profit, by a careful exploitation of all the communication opportunities integrated into the concept?

Mottos that represent us:
Nu-i suficient sa faci tot ce-i mai bun.Intai trebuie  sa stii ce sa faci, APOI sa faci ce-i mai bun 
W. Edwards Deming
Eficienta este cea mai inteligenta forma de lene
David Dunham
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