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The Mission

Our mission is to let you say after our first marketing communication campaigns and implementing branding strategies:

Why we didn’t met your advertising agency first?

Confucius The great philosopher also says:“Don’t be sad if you haven’t remarked yet. You have to be sad that you haven’t done anything remarkable.”

Before starting to think we should be marketing communication experts, branding experts or PR experts, we struggled to find those habbits, cultural and spiritual considrations that lead many people of our target market to act predictable and different than others.

Working within and for many multinational companies, we discovered in many situations the mathematics of communication, that’s why we put this first in everything we’ve done.

The challenging part of our mission is to create more conversions and awareness with less money.

The right way to do the Big Picture to become The Great Picture is to improve quality of the products and services in the same time.

Even we use unconventional advertising ideas, this is not an end in itself. So, keeping a good proportion between “WOOW FACTOR” and The RATIONAL and EMOTIONAL FACTORS is the secret.



NOTE: If you want to do the first step for your business to be noticed and to be taken seriously, you have to consider great integrated marketing communication strategies.

The shortest way to understand the benefits of this thing is to subscribe for our seminars and training programs or to see our client’s testimonials about the trainer Adrian Stavriu.

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Mottos that represent us:
Nu-i suficient sa faci tot ce-i mai bun.Intai trebuie  sa stii ce sa faci, APOI sa faci ce-i mai bun 
W. Edwards Deming
Eficienta este cea mai inteligenta forma de lene
David Dunham
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